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Re: Q is a pathetic loser

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I don't think so. Remember, Q is not necessarily male, so he's actually pretty clueless about what females really want (even Q females). He always made Picard work for whatever help Q gave him, so why shouldn't Janeway have to work for it, too? After all, she is also of the same species as Picard and although she wasn't given the "thou art directed to return to thine own Solar System immediately" line, she's still "on trial" along with the rest of humanity, just as Picard always was.
Oh I'm sure Q is completely aware of human sexuality, he's just made the mistake of dismissing it as a point of interest the way the rest of us don't pay any attention to those glands under our arms. He's getting a clue though with his preoccupation with the fripperies of romance, flowers and hearts etc.. he appeared in the bath with one he was wooing and in bed with another. I think that's what he really wants, his wooing to be successful from the point of view of his target. He wants them to actually be wooed, not just fake it.

Janeway might have done a passable job of faking it because she's a wooer herself.

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