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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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This issue between the differing styles of work produced by Legato and Curry should be irrelevant. The work CBS D did for season 1 set the tone for the remastering process and that's what should be looked at as the benchmark for quality and continuity.

If the Enterprise doesn't look like this, Its being done wrong.
Actually though should it. The people working on this have stated more then a few times that they wished to respect the artistic choices of the people working on the show, there shop was just to put the material they created in the best possible light.

Now I freely admit, as the person who long ago mentioned that they were dreading Curry's influence (sorry but I really don't care for his motion control work), but it is his artistic style to do shots lite flat, and far less sharp then what can be done. Its his style.

The only problem is that if Curry is to blame (and we don't know if he is, it could easily be some combination, or the other company just sucking), I could honestly see them doing that style on his episodes, and then doing a sharper more Legato style on his episodes,a s that would in fact respect the artistic style done originally.

Now saying that I would always, always prefer Legato's style in every single damn episode that they work on. And CBS digital's first season does seem to favor that style, but that was also the style of ILM which did far more work for season one then either Legato or Curry. Or even both together.

I was very upset when Legato left Trek to became a major player with Digital Domain.
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