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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

[QUOTE=teacake;7271215]This is a very good episode I thought though not one I rewatch much because it's painful. It's a terrible burden this woman has carried for the sins of her youth.

[LEFT]Favorite part: The costumes and sexuality of this episode. ....
As to costumes, I love this look. Men should just chuck the tie and do this kind of thing. Harry looks gorgeous here.
All this, and more. I like this one for the theme of remembrance of victims of (picked up in an episode in Season 6 which shall remain nameless for spoiler reasons, although the experiences of this one are by then conveniently forgotten).

The whole idea of characters as sexual beings -- yeah.

BUT. Teacake. That photo. THANK YOU. I've been on an Avengers kick lately in my geeky fan fiction writing; this one brings back to me just WHY I should be working on my latest Tom Paris piece instead ... I mean ... yummm .... (wipes drool off chin).

Emmm.... I'm okay now. Honest.
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