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Re: Happy Birthday, Mouse

Touch screens do have their uses, but a mouse and keyboard are better for 99% of my computing tasks (excluding console gaming and controlling a TV with a remote).

There's just no useful feedback from touch screens, which means you have to look at your hands as you're making input, which might not matter on things like phones, ATMs, etc (though I can send texts from my pocket on phones with old-school keypads), but when you're using a proper computer (be it a desktop or laptop), where the keyboard is the most efficient text input method, you really don't want to waste half of your screen space for an on-screen one that you have to look at while you're using it, when you could be using that screen space for something more useful and focussing your eyes on your output.

Yes, tablet-style interfaces and voice controls cut down on the need for a mouse and keyboard, but you can't do serious work that way. The most productive input methods will always be the mouse and keyboard (if you can touch type anyway, though it's not exactly difficult to learn), at least until neural interfaces become available.

I guess a good trackpad is a usable substitute for a mouse on a laptop, but I'll still plug a mouse in whenever possible.
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