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Re: Rank the Bond actors

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Craig is a good actor and the movies are well made, but I don't feel like the last three movies were really James Bond. He's too dour and serious and grim. Bond is supposed to be suave and dashing and funny.
He only became that in the 70s, because Moore made him that in the public eye.

Ian Fleming's creation is very different.
True, but Connery's Bond is different from the literary Bond, too. He was introduced in Dr. No as suave and super-competent, but he also had a sense of humor and could be light as well as serious, singing back to Honey on the beach for instance.

One of the underlying themes of the original Bond movies was: The US may have become the world military superpower, but only the British had the sophistication and subtlety to really fight the crafty bad guys effectively in the covert Cold War. Bond was supposed to be comfortable and confident in every situation, from hand-to-hand combat to the drawing-rooms of highest society. Connery was the best at covering that whole range, I think. And he has to get bonus points for defining the role and bringing it brilliantly to life.

Irrespective of how I like their movies:

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