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Re: TNG Caption This! 292: Unexpected Situations

The crew realised what a mistake it was to buy Picard the latest Sims game after he became obssessed with building the perfect ship for him sim crew to live in.

PICARD: Now where shall i put the swimming pool hmm?

The ensign discovered just how easily provoked a Klingons belly laugh could be when she tickle attacked Worf.

GUINAN: I really dont see why we bothered coming to a club if we're just gonna sit here all night and not dance we could have just done the exact same thing at 10 forward.

PICARD: We're not dancing til there are more people on the dancefloor otherwise we'll look like idiots.

KEIKO: But we're the only ones in here...

DATA: I understand you may be nervous about my standing in for Dr Crusher whilst she is away on Risa so before i administer your prostrate exam i will demonstrate it upon this random object.

GEORDIE:....I'm no medical expert but that does not look like a prostrate exam...why are we in a cave?

RIKER: Dont worry velociraptors may be intelligent enough to have figured out how to work door handles but our doors dont have any.

PICARD: ...Counsellor Troi i believe its your job to state the obvious i'll leave it to you to explain to Commander Riker why the lack of door handles does not improve our situation.
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