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Re: VOY Caption This 90; Anomaly...

Doctor: "Shoot any more spitwads at my ceiling, Mr. Paris, and I'll place your biobed out in the corridor".

"According to these readings, this human's mind is comprised of 40% determination, 20% curiosity, 20% mothering instinct, 19% desire for caffeine, and 1% attraction to Commander Chakotay. I calculate a 62% possibility that she'll snap within the next four years".

Species 8472 (over communicator): "Yeah, yeah, I found it. I'm on the Voyagger. Voyagger. It's pronounced Voya-Jer? Well I did not know that. Anyway, can you come pick me up or not? How much? Forget it, I'll go with someone else. .... Hello. Hello is this DeltaCabs Slipstream? Yeah, I need a ride back to Fluidic Space. I'm on a ship called the Voyager..."
"Did you know that there is a million bucks hidden in the house next door?"
"But there is no house next door."
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