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Re: Minbari vs. Klingon

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For every Minbari who says that all Klingons are drunken louts who do nothing but headbutt each other, there's a Klingon who'll reply that Minbari are humorless stuck-up cold fish who mention Valen every other word. Who's right? Neither, of course.
That still does not prove Klingons are better warriors than Minbari. Quite the opposite.

Granted Klingons are cool. Their ships are great looking. Bat'leths are sweet. And they bring fear to their enemies. But, IMHO, Minbari outclasses Klingons any day.

Read the previous posts, including mine. If you disagree, then please state your case. Refrain from name calling. Minbari may be cold fish but they have feelings too.

From what i've observed, any well-trained, stuck-up cold fish would prevail against a foe who directly charges at them with blasters and swords. These cold fish see their combat training not as a job nor a way of life. They see combat training as a religion and praises Valen's name while doing it. That's what makes the Minbari more effective fighters.

Fighting directly with as much force as you can looks cool. But its not practical. Combat is about outmaneuvering your opponent while inflicting the most damage with as minimal effort. Skill and ingenuity outstrips brute force any day.

Dingo wrote: View Post
It would be quite an interesting contest of a Batt'leth vs. a Minbari fighting pike. I would say the X-Factor is the Minbari discipline and utter dedication to their warrior ways. The Klingon's X-Factor is sheer ferocity.
As for Klingon bat'leth versus Minbari fighting pike, my vote is for the fighting pike. There's quite an advantage with a bo staff against a sword. Ever heard of the story about the great swordsman and the farmer with a staff? Same analogy.
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