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Re: Choose the Enterprise Blu-Ray Cover Art!

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Initially I voted just for Option 3 (the metal shield) as it's clean and consistent with TOS & TNG Blu ray.

But added a second tactical vote to Option 2 (the crashing & burning starship).

Anything to deny Option 1 (shee-aye-ta photoshop) from winning!

There damn-well isn't much in this race though...

If it had gone with more cast variety, I suspect 3 would be doing a lot better.

Seems to be an acceptance for substandard art, so long as it's inclusive of crew, ship and icon.

It's the "Cake and Eat It" Option.
What might have hurt the cast potraits is the choice, it could potentially have scored stronger if they had the likes of Trip and Reed on either S1 or S2 art. Sure they could be on S3 or S4 covers.
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