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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Okay, this is the first release of the original recordings for "Charlie" and "Mudd," but both were featured on the first Varese Sarabande album with new performances of TOS music conducted by Steiner. Cues here that were not included on the VS album include:

"Charlie X":
Space Orbit/Charlie X/That's a Girl
Zap the Antares
Kirk's Command #2/Chess Game
Kirk Puzzled
Zap the Pistol
Kirk Waits/Charlie in Control
Charlie’s Mad
Zap the Broad

"Mudd's Women":
Distant Spaceship/Hint of Danger
Still in Danger
Venus Walks
Exit Mr. Mudd/Venus Aboard #2/Strange Glances
Eve to Magda/Mudd Plan/Mudd’s Perfidy
Dwindling Power
Planet Rigel #2
Eve Is Tired
Back in Orbit

The other three were on GNP's The Best of Star Trek Volume 2, although the first VS album also includes a version of "Corbomite" that uses the identical track selections as the GNP album many years later. Previously unreleased cues:

"Corbomite Maneuver":
Space Cube/Condition Alert
Quiet Cube
Hideous Balok

"Balance of Terror":
The Enterprise
Romulan Agitato
Romulan B.G.
Romulan Theme
Theme From Star Trek*

"Little Girls":
Android Kirk
Ruk Attacks (1)
Ruk Attacks (2)

Also the Desilu ID is new, of course.

A couple of the cues are in a different order on the VS album and on the GNP album. Also there are a couple of typos on the GNP: "Enter Andrea" is given as "Meet Andrea" and "Ruk Protect" is called "Ruk Protests." "In the Chapel" from BoT is listed as "In Chapel" and is separate from the rest of the BoT suite.

I'm surprised at how short the BoT score is. I knew it was partial, but I didn't realize just how little new music there was. On the other hand, it turns out there are more unreleased "Corbomite" cues than I'd thought; I figured there were only 2-3 of them, but it's four, half the total. I'll be really glad to have the whole thing at last, along with the rest.

I'm also particularly looking forward to getting the original "Charlie's Mystery" cue. The second half of that, a rising/falling clarinet motif which was tracked only a few times in season 1, is one of my favorite cues, but the version on the VS album is played far more slowly than it was in the original episode, for some reason, even though it's still Steiner conducting.

Okay, so Disc 3 encompasses Steiner's first three sessions and five episodes. All that's left in season 1 are "The Conscience of the King" by Joseph Mullendore, "Shore Leave" by Gerald Fried, and "The City on the Edge of Forever" by Steiner -- plus assorted source music like Uhura's songs, the "lounge mix" of the Courage theme heard in a couple of party scenes, and the harpsichord music from "The Squire of Gothos." I wonder how they'll break down and what other extras will be on Disc 5.
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