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New Blood, Part 5

Jake Sisko sputtered somewhat as he attempted to keep from spitting his raktajino all over the table at Quark's after Nog recounted the recent incident in OPS involving Commander Strickland and Lieutenant Lefler.

"So Lieutenant Lefler's face was as red was that Earth fruit again that fell on Sir Issac Newton?" Nog remarked.

"An apple." Jake remarked.

"And then two of my technicians repairing the ODN array start gossiping about Lieutenant Draper's possible reaction if he were to have seen that incident with the dog fur." Nog remarked.

"I get scary feeling if Quark hears anything about this it will be the racquetball competition between Chief O'Brien and Dr. Bashir from five years ago all over again." Jake replied.

"Only it will involve Commander Strickland and Lieutenant Draper going at fisticuffs." Nog replied, "Commander Strickland is more strict than Odo at his worst."

"Sounds like its been a rough couple days since Strickland came to the station." Jake remarked.

"Cardassian overseers at the ore processing center could take a lesson on how to be task masters from Commander Strickland." Nog remarked.

"Oh just you wait." came a voice as Lieutenant Adam Martoni headed over to join Nog and Jake at the table.

"What brings you here, Adam?" Nog said looking over at one of his former seniors from Starfleet Academy.

"Just keeping an eye on your uncle. Given Quark's latest advertising campaign had Strickland breathing down my neck..." Adam replied, sitting down and adding, "My sympathies. Strickland means well but can occasionally drive you crazy."

"For once I'm grateful Lieutenant Lefler assumed the Chief of Operations post over me. At least she would be more likely to deal with Strickland directly than I would." Nog replied, and out of the corner of his eye he saw two Bajoran militia engineers, his two most junior engineers at that, Taran Bakis and Sito Kannu walking into the bar.

Nog let out a near sigh, and grumbled, "So much for my Uncle Quark not hearing about the incident in OPS."

"Oh, the 'fur on Lieutenant Lefler's back incident'?" Adam replied, before smirking, "Word travels fast around here. And why don't you want Quark finding out about this incident, might I ask?"

"Knowing my uncle, he would probably try to stage some sort of betting pool and..." Nog began as Bakis and Kannu seemed to be regaling Quark with the story of what had happened in OPS.

"Oh no he isn't!" Adam said, standing up, just about to bull his way through the crowd at Quark, "Strickland's gonna go ballistic the second he hears anything about a betting pool on this station."

"I thought he wouldn't mind something like that, based on the stories about Adam Martoni you've told me." Jake replied.

"He wouldn't, but with Strickland running around he would mind." Nog remarked.


"So, gentlemen, tell me more of what you know about the stats of Lieutenant Draper and Commander Strickland in the area of fisticuffs." Quark said before noticing a very irate Lieutenant Martoni heading his way.

"Quark..." Martoni said, sternly, "We need to talk, now."

"Uhm, Lieutenant...." Quark began.

"Not one word, first off you do know that betting pools are illegal on the station." Martoni began.

" know how bureaucracy can be and keeping track of the myriad of regulations can be somewhat trying." Quark began.

"Yes, however this regulation will be upheld." Martoni replied.

"Constable, may I call you Constable, in honor of your predecessor it seems only fair that I call you by his old title." Quark began.

"Quark, get to the point of what you were going to say." Martoni replied.

"Aren't you the least bit curious?" Quark said. Set the the old hew-mon fishing saying goes.

"About what, Quark?" Martoni replied.

"Well, about how a traditional Earth boxing match between Commander Strickland and Lieutenant Draper would go." Quark said, "I mean Commander Strickland was said to fight like a rampaging Andorian bull..."

Quark called up a videoclip on his PADD, showing a younger Strickland at one of his bouts at Starfleet Academy bulling into his opponent.

"And Lieutenant Draper is a known counter-puncher." Quark added, showing a second videoclip of Draper catching an opponent's jab and throwing a hard right over the top of it.

"Forget it, Quark. Fisticuffs between two Starfleet officers and betting are both illegal on the Station." Martoni replied, "I'm going to keep one eye on you, and I'll keep my other eye on all other business on the station, and I'll keep my other eye...nevermind. Let's just say I'll be watching you."

Martoni walked back across the Promenade, however he found himself wondering what exactly a boxing match between Strickland and Draper would look like.


To Be Continued...
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