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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I never got what's supposed to be so great about From Russia With Love. The only good thing is the train sequence at the end. And the music throughout the film. The rest of the film I found pretty cheesy, and Tatiana's got to be the most stupid Bond girl I've ever seen.
I agree. Or at least, I've not seen it for quite a long time and that echoes what I remember thinking last time I saw it. If you catch my drift.
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So? She's a very popular and familiar character after nearly 20 years.
Well even that's only if we assume she's the same character as the Brosnan M. Personally I don't care about her at all, she's an average and not very interesting character. But even if I thought she was brilliant, in the universe of the film she's still not important. Not much changes for the world if she dies. It's only because we've seen her before. And it's that kind of insular plot that makes the whole thing seem so fannish.
Surely she's even more important to Craig's Bond than the Brosnan-era version of the character was? To Craig she's the (not always friendly) mentor who brought him into the service and is probably the closest thing he has to family (he even jokingly compares her to his mother in Solace). She's far more than just the new boss he learns to respect as was the case in her first four films.
Yeah, but again, so what? She's just some narky old bitch about to be retired anyway. They could have killed her off in the opening scene and I wouldn't have cared much, so making her the entire stakes of the film doesn't do it for me.
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