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The Philadelphia Daily News has been overly optimistic throughout this process, so I would take signs of hope with a grain of salt. However, it's absolutely crazy that seven owners are all that are needed to keep this thing going.
Yeah, we'll wait and see on this. Guys like Jacobs and Leonsis are firmly entrenched in the "fuck the players" camp.

Remember, Don Fehr went to Bettman and said, "Okay, look, what if we caved and gave you everything you want on hockey-related revenue. Would we then have room to negotiate on contractual pushbacks?" And Sir Douchenozzle said, "Nope, those have to happen, too."

Edit: This report appears to have some traction. After initially planning to take two weeks off, CBA discussions in New York will resume on Monday. Snider may be marshaling the troops.

Edit 2: Unconfirmed report that employees within the Bruins organization have been told to have the ice ready for Black Friday, but I'm taking that with a truck of salt.

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Just cancel the season now for heavens sake.
The 2004 - 05 season wasn't canceled in full until February 16, 2005, for what it's worth.

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