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Re: All Scale Trek - a new Trek modeling forum

I'll most likely be joining there soon, as I'm looking forward to showing off my replicas of all the DS9 kitbashes (minus the tug, since I have no idea what was used for the main body of it). Here's the list:

1. Centaur - complete
2. Curry - complete
3. Bradford - complete
4. Jupp - in process, all parts acquired
5. Yeager - in process, all parts acquired
6. Elkins - unbuilt, all parts acquired
7. Hutzel - unbuilt, all parts acquired
8. Antares - unbuilt, all parts acquired

I decided not to build the Raging Queen either, as the Curry was so close to the design that I consider them the same class of ship, and I'd basically just be building another Curry.
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