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According to The Making of Star Trek the intention had been to locate the "Computer Systems" on deck 7 and deck 8. According to "Journey to Babel" they're right across from Kirk's cabin on deck 5
Actually, the sign says "computer statistics" and turns up in several different locations accross the ship. You can see it most clearly across from the Transporter Room in This Side of Paradise:

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I think it's safe to assume that we are dealing with a turbo lift if a) the door is red and/or b) there's a sign above which either says "turbo lift" or is at the same spot as the turbo lift sign.
Is it possible that the reason those Turbolifts are unmarked is because they are "exit only" elevators?

Bear with me on this - obviously, in most cases a turbolift will have a dedicated alcove when it makes a stop, to allow traffic to pass while people alight/disembark at their leisure. What if (for high volume areas such as Engineering or Sickbay) there are exit apetures on the main trackway?

These would obviously have to have a short time limit on how long they'd be able to stay open, but it would allow people in a hurry to quickly step out and be about their business.

These stops are not designed to pick up passengers of course, which is why they don't have the usual signage and/or door colours.

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Regarding the one with Sulu we know from Uhura's report that he is chasing crewmen on "level 2", which - in another thread - I suggested to be the outer and lower rim of deck 7 which rather appears to be level 2 of deck 6
How would it be possible to fit the corridor seen into the outer "donut" of the ship? Sulu runs down a fairly long straight corridor before turning into the curved section. I just can't see there being that much room in the outer part of the ship.

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I think you might be missing the green for the observation deck. Either that or I'm crazy.
Greeney-Bluey-Turquoise also turns up in that door McCoy enters from in the opening scene of Amok Time.
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