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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

I wasn't planning on watching this episode, but when I saw that Connor was on it, I changed my mind. While I generally hate TV episodes that take place in a character's mind, I did like how they found an interesting way to bring Connor back one more time. It was also great seeing Katherine again.

It sucks that that young hybrid got ashed by Jeremy after helping free Elena, but I knew Klaus wasn't going to let him go. Not feeling the occult professor but I am glad they are moving the story along with the looming evil, which I also assume is going to be Silas.

I wish that Matt had been made the vampire hunter instead of Jeremy. Jeremy is already a ghost whisperer. It's time Matt got to be more involved with all the supernatural stuff without becoming a supernatural creature himself.

I wonder where they are going with April. If she asks about Rebekah one more time. Sheesh. At first I was glad there was another 'normal' person in the cast, but the show is spinning its wheels getting her into the mix.
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