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Re: Children in Need 2012: Christmas Special prequel + trailer

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I noticed that too. The light is shining at an angle that brightens her face. The bright light diminishes all the detailing

Also noticed they didn't do makeup on her lower lip
Ah...yes, that's it, thanks. The lack of lip color, gives an optical illusion of her lower face looking kinda "sucked in", like she ate a lemon
Aye. I suppose we can just say she started to wear lipstick at some point. I imagine it is because she has a lot more to say this time around and constantly touching up her lips between nearly every take for a week or more of filming would have just been annoying. (I know, I've done it before)
Or perhaps Jenny prefers a smoother touch and Vastra obliged.

But yes, I noticed the difference right away. Also, the tint of green seems a little lighter, though perhaps that's the lighting in that particular shot.
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