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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

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I watched it with my wife despite our better judgement and it was just needed a total rewrite, how'd it even get a green light?? The jokes about a serial murderer living there early in the show were tasteless, and just demonstrated they didn't know what direction to go dramatically/comedy-wise. What a bomb this was. One of THE worst pilots made in 15 years. Not surprised it didn't make it to series at all.

Compared to, say, the aborted Wonder Woman pilot or that unwatchable Justice League pilot from a few years back?

This was very slickly done, witty, and professional by comparison. You may have found the humor tasteless, but I thought the whole bit with the dead hobos in the walls was hilarious--in a sick way.

"We prefer it pre-cleansed."

OK I did watch the JLA pilot recently (well 2/3rds of it anyway)and that was worse than this dung heap. All I can say is at least Singer has worked on H+ recently too.

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