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Re: 2012 Rugby Championship thread

Campese is the Neil Harvey of Australian rugby. Absolutely everything was better in his day, and absolutely everything about the current day is crap. About the only difference between the two is that Campese has an even bigger ego (Harvey's nauseating deification of Bradman isn't something Campo would ever offer about anyone he played with). The media go to them when they want a controversial comment or fifty and despite their utter irrelevance, they always deliver.

If coaching is as easy as Campese reckons it is, one wonders why he's never given it a go. Enough said, really.

Haven't seen the game yet but even after I do, I probably won't feel any more optimistic about things than I have been. Why is it that we can only seem to perform at even a half-decent standard when the knives are out and it's backs-to-the-wall? All year it's been a step or two forward followed by four or five steps back. It's getting tedious and the ludicrous injury toll aside (two more blokes ruled out during the week in addition to the ridiculous suspension Simmons copped), it's well past time some of these blokes learned to play at a consistent standard.

The snippets on the news did reveal one thing, though - possibly the most hideous strip ever worn by an international sporting team. England looked vile. As one smartarse in the comments of a Guardian blog put it, "The All Plums, sponsored by Ribena" (while another commenter reckoned they were "dressed up to look like Barney" ). Craptastic.

Elsewhere, predictable wins for NZ and SA, while Samoa defeated Wales. Wouldn't it be good if the IRB decided to stop fawning over the so-called "home" nations and started looking after countries like Samoa... Eh, hell will freeze over first.
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