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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

Agreed. Hamilton would have run away with the championship by now without all the car failures/idiots smashing into him/pit-stop blunders. Button has been absolutely nowhere in terms of pace for most of the year.

I wouldn't put Vettel up there with Hamilton or Alonso, though. Not even close. Vettel is quick, but he's not even in the same league as those guys overall. He only wins when he's in the best car and everything goes his way (which it usually does, and every time he gets a bit of bad luck, like at Abu Dhabi, he still ends up with big boost of good luck to compensate for it, e.g. safety cars and idiots up ahead of him playing bumper cars and letting him catch up). If he ends up winning the championship (which is likely), it'll be a sad day for motor sport. Schumi might have been even more dominant and annoying in his day, but at least he was a proper driver and had already proven himself in lesser cars (like some of the mediocre ones he had to drive when he first joined Ferrari). Vettel lucked into one win with a crap Toro Rosso and then suddenly became Christian Horner's little wunderkind. Urgh... insufferable.
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