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Sparrow-class Frigate

Thought I had dropped off the face of planet, after over a month's absence? Well, a corrupted hard drive can really put you out of action for a while. But I'm back, and with a couple new designs!

So let me introduce you to the U.S.S. Sparrow, NX-81235!

I've mentioned my idea for a post-Nemesis design based on Forbin's Peregrine-class Frigate, and finally I'm taking this design concept seriously.

A distant descendent of the Surya and Coventry class Frigates, the Sparrow class was designed for system patrolling duties, though they can be used as support vessels during wartime. Though the lead vessel and the first run examples were not so equipped when first commissioned, like the Pelagic class, they were designed to be equipped with quantum slipstream drives, and by the time the Starship Vesta had her debut, most Sparrows were either equipped with quantum slipstream, or undergoing the necessary upgrades. Being equipped with this drive makes it possible to deploy these frigates to anywhere they are needed, even in other parts of the galaxy, or to other nearby galaxies. This makes the Sparrow class ideal for being sent on assignments in new colonies or member planets in different quadrants of the galaxy, so that they aren't unprotected. The bottom turret was almost practically begging to be equipped with the much rumored transphasic torpedoes when the Sparrow was first commissioned, but the Department of Temporal Investigations wouldn't have any of it, which would prove regrettable when many members of this class would be among the vessels destroyed during the Borg Incursion of 2382. The Sparrow class is also equipped with several point defense phasers, which were introduced on the Majestic class, designed by Malcolm Lu, and 4 pulse phaser turrets.

This was my first attempt to use artistic markers in an attempt to bring my work one step closer to Atolm's amazing artwork. Unfortunately, I found out these markers don't have a lack of bleeding like I had hoped, and don't have the precision necessary for details as small as I usually like to make, meaning I should have sketched on a bigger scale. I'll also never use these markers on line paper again, seeing as how they bleed through.

I intend to try them out again, but on the thicker drawing paper. I am also working on a sub-class based on the Miranda/Avenger class's weapons pod configuration which I was originally going to call the Falcon class, but upon seeing that the name is rather common in fanon, I decided to go with Falken instead (which for those who are into Ace Combat, you might recognize). This will be the sketch that I will try the markers on. I am also thinking on making a recon frigate variant which I've given the moniker of Owl, and a descendent of the Soyuz class Assault Frigate called the Salamander (which is a nod to a Zoid of the same name, which those of you who are really into Zoids will recognize).

The names used for the Sparrow class will consist of non birds of prey and names used in the past by frigates of classes such as the Surya and Coventry that AFAIK are not in use by any current vessels, the names of the Falken sub-class will consist of any names once used by heavy frigate classes such as the Miranda and Avenger, again so long as they are not in use by contemporary vessels AFAIK, as well as the names of birds of prey, and the Salamander sub-class will consist of the names of mythical/legendary flying animals, and names used by the Soyuz class that aren't currently in use. The names and registries are yet to be determines, but will be worked on*.

I expect the Salamander to be the hardest of the designs, due to wanting to be armed to the teeth, with around as many turrets as the Soyuz, but also appearing like less of kitbash, and a little more like a class modification with many brand new parts, made specifically for her intended purpose. She is to have multiple phaser lancers, downsized versions of those found on the Entente sub-class.

Anyhow, sorry again if the text is to long, feel free to comment, and thank you for your time!

*Don't be surprised to find this post edited as I add more information, specifically on members of this class.
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