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Star Trek Renegades

As a treky, I figured I'd do my part to try get the word out about this project.

Star Trek Renegades is a rogue attempt to try to rebuild the Star Trek following and possibly create an underground Youtube based series if the pilot is successful enough.

Here's the trailer:

I don't know about everyone else, but the trailer sends chills down my back. For those who have followed Star Trek over the years, you might know that Chekov was promoted to Star Fleets Command and Chief sometime during Voyager according to many of the books and the canonic Star Trek MMO. This is the first look at him having that role on screen and as such is an extremely neat tie in to a lot of the recent trek stories.

The story itself follows the adventures of Captain Lexxa Singh a descendant of Khan Singh as she leads a covert operation to uncover a dark secret that threatens to tear apart the Federation.
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