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Re: TOS Door Colors

Interestingly, the turbo lift issue brings me back to the original theme of the thread: door colors

I think it's safe to assume that we are dealing with a turbo lift if a) the door is red and/or b) there's a sign above which either says "turbo lift" or is at the same spot as the turbo lift sign.

Especially in "The Naked Time" we have nevertheless blue doors with elevator cars that do not match this category: (Riley exiting elevator car) (Sulu getting ready to fence) (Spock noticing effects of virus on crew)

The latter one did puzzle me as just around a corner there is a normal or regular tubo lift into which Janice Rand - being stalked by a crewman - tries to get into:

Regarding the one with Sulu we know from Uhura's report that he is chasing crewmen on "level 2", which - in another thread - I suggested to be the outer and lower rim of deck 7 which rather appears to be level 2 of deck 6 (as it has no passageway to the interior part of deck 7). As there are only two deck levels in the outer rim, what we are seeing here might just be a deck elevator that doesn't qualify as a turbo lift (basically a larger version than the engineering room deck elevators seen in TMP and TNG).

That would also fit with a color code for the hangar deck doors as these also provide access to an elevator - the elevator platform for the shuttlecraft.

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