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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Movies Seen in 2012

310. The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (✩½) - Live TV - A kid is the chosen one and must save the day from ancient dark forces or some-such. It's a terrible movie. Ian McShane is in it but I only decided to check it out because of Amelia Warner. I wish she was in more stuff. Turns out she was never legally married to Colin Farrell. At least that's what I read. Nothing to do with the movie, I just thought that was more interesting.

311. Astro Boy (✩✩✩✩) - Blu-ray - Saw this recent CGI motion picture that was based on the anime. As I was watching, the animation was so crisp that I thought for the first time that Astro Boy could work as a live action project without knowing that it was in fact intended to be a live-action film in the initial stages of planning. Anyway, I loved the voice work from big names like Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron, Bill Nighy, Eugene Levy and Donald Sutherland. The story was also a pretty good one. It dealt with issues such as elitism and class. It also had some political undertones that apparently angered people (negative "red"energy vs positive "blue" energy).

312. Source Code (✩✩✩✩) - DVD - I don't want to say too much because so much unfolds from the get-go, but I thought this was a pretty good thriller with some intriguing scifi elements. If you're a scifi fan and you haven't seen this one, it's worth a look. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright and Vera Farmiga, and it's a mix of Quantum Leap and the TNG episode "Cause & Effect".

Theatre: 20
DVD/Blu-ray: 119
Live TV: 121
Recorded TV: 5
On Demand: 43
Internet: 4
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