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Re: Films that made you hungry.

Lots of TV shows and movies make me hungry for whatever they're eating.


- I once went to McDonald's to get some chicken fajitas after an episode of House where House was eating Mexican food.

- I made an omelet after hearing Col. Mitchell's recipe on Stargate SG-1.

- I made a steak dinner and a breakfast after seeing the same on Dexter.


- I got myself a bag of Doritos after returning Secret Window to the video store. Johnny Depp's character was eating the stuff in the movie.

- Just two weeks ago I prepared myself a steak dinner with small potatoes and asparigus after seeing Denzel Washington eat the same thing in Flight.

Someday, I'd like to try Robert Rodriguez' Sin City breakfast tacos.

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that doesn't bother me much, but I really hate it when there's a food fight scene. With so many people starving (even in "1st world" countries), it's setting the absolutely wrong example for kids.
Yeah, I don't like that either.
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