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Re: One Thing That Seperates Star Trek: Deep Space Nine From Other Tre

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Where TOS is separate and superior to DS9 is it never wallowed in darkness for protracted periods of time.
No, it wallowed in stiffness for protracted periods of time. It's also more a product of its time than DS9. It just basically comes down to what you're into. If you like the stiffness, cool. I liked the fact that DS9 really looked at different angles of things.

There were always conflicting viewpoints, and it usually wasn't easy to dismiss all but one, which of course was the moral of the episode we were all supposed to learn from on TOS or TNG. Nothing's wrong with that format, but I like the deeper dip in realism and complexity that DS9 has. To me, that's superior.

.... that's why DS9 has balls.
DS9 didn't have ball, it had a multi-season long premenstrual cycle.

If that's your take on "premenstrual," then please, don't look at the world, neither as it is, was, or could be.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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