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New Blood, Part 4

"What brings you over this way?" Adam Martoni asked as Carl Draper walked into the Security Office.

Carl handed him a PADD, "My security assessments regarding the Cardassian delegaton due to arrive in a week."

"Thanks. I'm working on mine at the moment." Adam replied as he drank his raktajino. As he turned the cup to drink it the advertising slogan from the previous day continued to play.

"You kept that cup?" Carl asked.

"Yeah, might as well have a souvenir of my first day on the job. And it probably will bug the hell out of Strickland." Adam replied, "And the free refill was nice. Even after Strickland turned up to claim his free refill."

"I looked through Odo's old database. The Constable was certainly quite a thorough fellow." Carl replied.

"No kidding. His files on Quark and Garak are his thickest. Quark's is only thicker by a grand total of seven pages." Adam replied.

Carl sipped his own raktajino and said, "Klingons clearly do not believe in anything other than strong when it comes to coffee."

"It's a great recipe, but its strength takes some getting used to." Adam said.

"First Minister Shakaar's delegation arrives in four days as well. I'm taking care of that assessment as well." Carl replied, "I'd like to compare notes about that as well."

"Definitely. I should have both my assessments complete in a day or so." Adam replied.


"Lieutenant, you have fur all over your uniform." Strickland remarked as Robin Lefler stepped from the turbolift into OPS.

"Thank you sir, I didn't notice. It's about that time of year." Lefler replied.

"You gather fur on your uniform at certain times of year?" Strickland remarked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, but our Alaskan Malamute sheds his winter coat around this time of year. Fur gets all over our quarters whenever he does that." Lefler replied as she brushed a few stray strands off her arms.

"You've got some on your back as well." Strickland remarked, "I'll give you a hand with that."

Strickland ran his hand down Robin's back, causing fur to fall to the deck. Robin felt herself going a bit red in the face, partially due to embarrassment and partially due to the fact that Strickland was clearly so obsessed with making sure every piece of fur was off her uniform that he barely realized he was drawing a lot of stares around OPS.

Talk about a memorable first shift, the First Officer looks like a pervert and I look like a fur factory thanks to Goliath. Robin thought.

"There, much better." Strickland remarked, and then his ears became toned to a conversation in relatively low tones between a pair of male Bajoran technicians working on the ODN relay. They were a couple young men in their late teens to early twenties. They looked like slackers to him.

"That certainly was awkward." The first man said to the second.

"Definitely. All it would have taken would have been for Lieutenant Draper to show up at the turbolift." the second replied.

"Probably would've been an epic argument." the first said.

"I heard that Strickland used to be a boxer at Starfleet Academy from my sister."

"And Draper boxed as well. They're within a weight class of each other."

"That would be an epic fight..."

"Ahem..." Strickland said, as he stalked over to them.

The two Bajoran technicians turned to find Commander Strickland looming over them, with a glare in his eye.

"Gentlemen, I believe the ODN relay requires more attention than speculation of a fight between myself and Lieutenant Draper that would likely not transpire." Strickland replied, tucking his PADD under his left arm before continuing, "I was simply attending to a pet peeve of mine, I don't like slackers or traits of slackers in people that work for me. Good order and discipline is my job as the First Officer of this station. Lieutenant Lefler having fur from her pet on her uniform does not present the image of good order and discipline, hence my attending to the matter. So, get back to work on the ODN relay before I order Lieutenant Nog to personally attend to the matter."

"Yes sir." both technicians said, with an audible gulp.

And I thought Constable Odo was stern. one of them thought.


To Be Continued...

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