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Time of Judgment
February 13, 2010

Sam and Dean Winchester were driving along I-40 in Texas when a flap of wings announced that Castiel was in the back seat.

“Hey, Cas, what brings you here,” asks Dean.

“I came to warn you. Some strange things are happening that I cannot stop. I need you to be safe. God wants you to be safe. How soon can you get to Coyote Sands Arizona?”

“Oh I’d say in a few hours, why?”

“An important meeting has already taken place there, but there is a woman who needs your help. She has powers, she can change the weather.”

“Is she cute,” asks Dean.

“The desert has done things to her. She is dangerous, but still human.”

“So we need to protect her,” it was not a question, states Sam.

“You need her for leverage. Something is coming and she needs to be a part of it.”
The flap of wings and he’s gone.

“Always cryptic, I hate that,” says Dean.

Coyote Sands Reservation (What’s left of it)

Alice Shaw was afraid. She knew someone would come, looking for her. Just last year, her sister Banana, or Angela as she was known to others, had found her. She knew that the only way to defend herself was to use the weather. She practiced for an entire year. She was good now at protecting herself.

She heard a flap of wings and a man was in her room. She tried to stay calm. This, she knew, was no ordinary man.

“Can I help you,” she asks.

“Alice Shaw. You have the potential to do great good. God wants you to help him if you can. I am his messenger, Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord.”

When Sam and Dean Winchester got to Coyote Sands Diner, they were famished. They heard the flap and voila, there was Castiel in front of them.

“She is waiting for you. She lives in the remains of the Reservation, in a bunker. She is expecting you soon. I told her I would bring back some fresh food for her.”

“All right, this place is pretty good. What does she like?”

“Hamburgers and French fries are her favorite, she also wants a Cola.”

“Come to the counter and we will order and I can get it to you – stay until I pay, okay?”

In Boston, at Harvard University in the basement of the Kreske Building, a young FBI agent, Olivia Dunham was with her team, the Fringe Division, consisting of the intelligent and beautiful Agent Astrid Farnsworth, the roguish supra-genius Peter Bishop and his father, the enigmatic, eccentric, (and crazy) Doctor Walter Bishop.

They were working a case involving many crimes across state lines and going back as far as September 2005, and possibly much further. A team at the FBI was being called in to work with her team – the Behavioral Analysis Unit or BAU. The idea was that they could identify the un-subs in their various cover identities and work to eliminate their threat.
The witnesses in the cases were reluctant to share any information. They all revolved around a series of supposed Ghost Sightings, Vampire, Werewolf or Demon attacks. Walter was in 7th heaven as this was very much what he liked. Peter on the other hand was very cynical about it.

“Peter, can you believe we are actually going to hunt people who supposedly hunt the things that go bump in the night?”

“I’ll believe it when I see it, Walter. I mean come on these guys are basically credit card frauds and property destroyers. I mean I used to do my share of things like that (and not wanting to incriminate himself any further, he shut up after that.).”

“Well, son, I am excited and hoping to see a real ghost or vampire. But I am not interested in seeing a demon. That would be most distressing, indeed.”

“We have a lead,” she said as she got off the phone, “A man working at the Coyote Sands Diner in Arizona, says he saw what he describes as a handsome man in a Colombo trench coat just appear out of thin air and started talking to two men who match the description of a Sam and Dean Winchester. We need to get these guys. Murder and kidnapping are serious charges. The credit card fraud and digging up graveyards is just icing on the cake. We leave now.”

“What about the team from the BAU,” asks Astrid?

“Tell them to meet us at Coyote Sands, we'll be there in 4 hours. The boys drive a 1968 Chevy Impala, black.”

Coyote Sands, Arizona

Bobby had gotten word, via his feelers that the boys were in Coyote Sands, so he went there to help them out. They had signed in to a local motel and settled down and even after a week, Sam was still having trouble adjusting to life after Demon-Blood, but it slow but sure. Ruby was dead and now Sam needed Bobby and Dean more than ever. Bobby told them a bit about Coyote Sands.

“It was an experimental military base. Run by the US Army and was one of three locations. This was the first of the trials since World War II. The second trial was on the Wooster Campus of Ohio State University, in the early 1980’s, the last one, and this is where things get hairy, was in Jacksonville Florida on a military base of an undisclosed nature. Numerous children were brought here from many places across the country. In 1961, it shut down unexpectedly due to a major sandstorm in the region. They never reopened it.”

As Dean was about to make a remark, the air was suddenly filled with the sounds of sirens. Castiel was getting up when an announcement was made over a bullhorn.

“Sam and Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer, come out with your hands up. This is the FBI. We have the place surrounded and have all the roads blocked. We know you are in there, come out peacefully and we will work with you, otherwise, the choice is yours. We’ve confiscated your cars, so it’s best if you just come on out.” The woman on the horn sounded nice for an FBI agent. They all looked at each other and Castiel told them he would be back with reinforcements. Then he disappeared.

They all walked out with their hands up and visible, the agents surrounded them and placed them in a black SUV. Then they drove away.

The Fringe Division was on call, when the BAU got caught up to them in Phoenix. The Phoenix Police Department was there with a consultant who said she wanted to talk with the boys and Bobby in private. They read her credentials and let her proceed.

As she walked into the room, Allison DuBois looked at them and sat down. She addressed them as a consultant to the Police Department and as a legal aid to the Phoenix District Attorney’s Office. However, what she said next floored them.

“I bring a message – from Castiel. He says that I am his reinforcement and that another will be joining us very shortly.”

Grandview, New York

It’s not every day that you get to meet an Angel of the Lord, but life was full of the unexpected, and today was no exception. For Melinda Gordon, it was a rare opportunity and she decided to make the most of it.

Ever since her husband’s cousin Larry was taken in 2004, by the Jigsaw Serial Killer, and reunited with his family, she had been very happy to live life to its fullest, even with her frequent spectral visitors. Larry described a sort of sick and twisted game involving him and another man, trapped in a disused bathroom. He had to hack through his foot to get the chain off. He cauterized his wound and ended up in a hospital emergency room. He was fitted with a prosthetic foot and was able to move around pretty good, with his cane. She listened to his plight and from then on never took life for granted, especially since she could see what happened first hand to those who did – her visitors were definitely ones whose regrets showed the side of those who did. Within a year of his recovery, she had learned that others had survived the Jigsaw games and that Larry started a group. He never let on who he was nor did he let on that he was the one who started the group.

“Melinda Gordon, I am Castiel, an Angel of the Lord. I need you to go to Phoenix Arizona and connect with an Allison DuBois. There she will assist you in working with some chosen men.”

“All right, but before I leave to Arizona what do I need to know about the situation at hand?”

“A group of men – Sam and Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer, are chosen of God to make sure that some important things come to pass. They are being held in custody by the Phoenix Police Department and the FBI, under the direction of Agent Olivia Dunham on charges which have to do with their mission for the Lord. What is needed of you is to call Sheriff Jody Mills of Sioux Falls South Dakota and have her meet you at Phoenix and to make arrangements for them to meet with the both of you. I feel it necessary to point out that the boys can be a bit visceral.”

“As in wondering who in the hell I am?”

“Among other things, please help them. They are vital to the Lord’s Plan. I will be in Phoenix in a few hours. There are some people I need to speak to – including Agent Dunham.”
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