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Re: The characters and universe post-TOS

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We know that Pike was in command of the Enterprise thirteen years prior to the events of The Menagerie and Spock served with him for eleven years, four months. At some point he became a fleet captain, and Kirk took over the Enterprise directly from him. Kirk met Pike when he became fleet captain, but that could have been some other time (separate from) Kirk assuming command of the Enteprise. Arriving and departing captains don't alway meet.

While Pike was in command of the Enterprise at two known points, the in-between time is open for interpretation.

... and he did seem a bit wet behind the ears in "The Cage" where he already had the Enterprise.
Really? I've viewed pilot Pike as weathered, hence his longing to leave the service (more than just what happened on Rigel).
The weariness and pressure that Pike was feeling might have indicated that being in command was new to him. And his thoughts of leaving the service could have predated his command of the Enterprise too, he did seemed generally homesick.

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Two things from TMP work against this, however.
Both of your points are good ones, and I agree. However, I still have a problem with Starfleet letting the Enterprise just sit in orbit for a protracted time period, perhaps years, before beginning the refit/rebuild process.

If not Decker taking her out again, then another unknown captain. There's no official onscreen (canon) listing of the Enterprise's captains. And while Kirk did recommend Decker for command, there no indication that Decker is Kirk's direct successor.

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