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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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Except for where it doesn't fit, such as the thing about Magneto helping Xavier build Cerebro.
Of course it's not going to have perfect continuity with Singer's movies. It's called creative license. They were trying to make the best film they could possibly make, and they didn't want to be a complete stickler to continuity. I get that.
If they had included Erik helping Xavier build Cerebro in the film, how would that have necessarily made it a worse film? The best film they could possibly make and continuity are not mutually exclusive.
Maybe they wanted to save that aspect for a sequel? Who knows.

We're not the creatives behind this process. At the end of First Class, the characters were (re)introduced, the relationships established, and the stage set. Xavier's school hadn't even been opened yet.

After all, there is still something like 30 years before we get to the events of Singer's first X-Men movie (if that- remember the title card said "The not too distant future", so it could even be more than 30 years), so a lot can happen from now until then. Why hinder future stories when you can save certain elements for other installments?
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