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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

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TNG's second episode was a direct reference to TOS. The first episode featured a direct cameo from TOS! TNG, when Roddenberry was at the helm, didn't diverge from TOS canon. (Unless you count the fan works and TAS.) If anything that just showed Roddenberry was more controlling about his work. You're projecting your own beliefs onto what you want to believe at this point.
You may want to read Wikipedia's page on Star Trek canon, with revealing quotes from Gene Rodenberry, Richard Arnold and the ones Christopher mentioned by Paula Block:
For example, I don't know how you can say "I really don't think he'd have a problem" considering Roddenberry had a problem with a lot of modern Trek. He had major issues with Star Trek VI which was probably the last Trek thing he saw. You think he is going to enjoy seeing James Kirk the disrespectful annoying frat boy? There was absolutely nothing Utopian about the Abrams farce.
Rodenberry disiked the racism displayed in STVI, believing his future-humans were evolved beyond such things (more revisionism, since we saw racism quite blatantly in "Balance of Terror"). The only racism in STXI was from the Vulcans - and stems from scenarios described or shown in TOS/TAS.

Gene Rodenberry summed up his utopian Trek future to Jonathan Frakes as "a world where there is no hunger, no poverty and every child knows how to read" - which sounds perfectly consistant with JJ Abrams' version of Trek to me.
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