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Dick Whitman
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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

It always amazes me how a significant segment of fandom expects a huge level of consistency in details. Visual details, facts, etc. They notice the perceived inconsistencies in new productions. Which shows they have an eye or ear for details. But if that is true, why are they so dismissive or ignoring of older inconsistencies?

As its been pointed out there have always been changes in design and detail with no explanation at all. I think for some people there is a point when they go from just excepting what is happening warts and all. Than change to really analyzing everything new that they would not have in the past. Most likely its age. Like how as kid there is a certain magic and wonder to things. But as we get older we become more aware of how things happen and that leads to cynicism. But often we see the past through rose colored glasses.
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