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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I finished "To Reign in Hell" by Greg Cox quite a while ago and it was a very good read and passed all too fast. Then I read four Christian books: "Crazy Love" (text by Chan with Yankoski), "Living Crazy Love" (workbook by Chan with Beuving), then I reread "At Peace with Failure" by Mehl, and finally, "Against the Night" by Colson with Vaughn. As for perhaps more serious reading, I read "Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills" (5th ed.) by Johnson & Johnson (1994) which is a very good intro to groups -- might even be applicable to starships were they to exist. Lastly, I just read "Martyr" by Peter David (1998, ST-NF #5). If I am especially ambitious, I shall read "Every Officer Is A Leader" (2nd ed.) by Anderson, Gisborne, & Holliday (2006) which could be applied to security workers everywhere. Not sure what my next ST book shall be -- it shall be my 26th ST book this year though. I bought several omnibuses (omnibi?) for my reader and yet have not started reading SCE yet. And, I could put 'destiny is in my future' as a close for my postings -- hopefully it is a near future.
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