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Re: Pixar Merger with Disney Has Hurt Quality

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Well.. Cars burned me real bad when it comes to Pixar.. up until this point i adored their movies. They were unique, had their own style and their own story to tell.

They had a heart.

With Cars Pixar made a run of the mill, paint by number movie any studio could have produced.. like the ones from Dreamworks or any other animation studio that relies on big names to voice the characters and promote the movies.

Up until that point it was enough for me to know it was a Pixar movie to go see it and know i'd get a good movie with a good story.
I've got to disagree. It may not have been totally original but I adored Cars - it's my favourite Pixar movie. And it's not like I'm American on a nostalgia trip or a petrol head - not only am I not a car buff, I can't even drive.

Now Ratatouille was a turkey - by the numbers that any studio could churn out...
I'd really like to know why you think Cars is good and Ratatouille bad.

I'll give my view on why i don't like Cars much.. it was too predictable and the characters were too bland. Now obviously Pixar movies tend to have uplifiting ends and it's no surprise Cars does too.. that's not my critique. I just felt that Cars lacked that certain spark that made the story worthwile.. it lacked an original idea and as someone else pointed out it was basically Doc Hollywood remade into computer animation and people replaced by cars.. for me that's too simple for Pixar (even if the focus of the story was different from Doc Hollywood).

What i love about Pixar is their unique ideas.. with Ratatouille they took a rat and made it into a gourmet and cook. A rat of all things.. by many considered to be a very dirty animal that shouldn't even be in the vicinity of a kitchen yet they took the idea and ran with it and made a damn good movie with it.

Finding Nemo.. a fish in search of his son who meets many strange characters along the way and learns something about himself - a tale about parents who need to learn to let go and overcome their fears.

Wall E.. a robot who falls in love with another robot and follows her (by accident more or less) and in the process leads humans back to devastated Earth - a lovestory mixed with an ecological/social warning to humans.

With Cars i never felt that anything had its own idea or even an interesting one.. everything was cliché. Hotshot, arrogant main character, hillbilly character, the grumpy old guy who teaches the main something, the love interest etc.

Granted.. these ingredients are found in many other movies including Pixar's but they managed to still inject something that made the sum more than its parts. This is what i felt Cars lacked.. i didn't even bother with Cars 2 because of it.

So if it's true that Disney is putting pressure on Pixar to turn out movies at a faster rate so they can profit more i'm very worried. It seems Disney hasn't learned a lot through the years after they reduced (or shut down) the cheap direct to video sequels of their major animation movies or they simply fail to grasp the uniqeness of Pixar and that creativity needs time.
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