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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

What this whole thing comes down to me for, is a major problem that this project seems to have with quality control. The audio issue from season 1 seems like a trifle by comparison.

What I don't understand is how HTV-Illuminate was allowed to continue with this kind of performance. Most of us here are lay people when it comes to the technical aspects of the remastring but most of us are able to see immediatly that the work this company has delivered when compared to what is possible through CBS-D is lack-luster at best. Now if we can see that right away, why didn't someone at CBS overseeing the work from HTV-Illuminate? They should have cought this months ago and told them do a better job and if they weren't capable then some more drastic action should have been taken. Now it's at a point as many people have said where these mistakes cannot be corrected any more. What a shame and what a waste of an opportunity.

CBS should let some of us pre-screen some of the work. We would do it for free and we would not miss these gaffes. This would save everyone a lot of trouble and in this day and age should be easy to do.
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