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Re: TNG Caption This! 291: Random Silliness

Picard: Prepare yourself, Number One. If I understand this ritual correctly, next come the hoochie-mamas.

I'm late.

Starbase 19 needs a new Chief Medical Officer.

I've got to go take this call. You'll need this.
A phaser? What for, sir?
Don't let him try the "Feel your face" bit. He sees you just fine.

Is it a wormhole Data?
No sir. This is a hole made by a really big space gopher.
It is a wormhole, sir.
Oh. New sarcasm chip?
No sir.
No? Or was that the chip again?
No sir. The chip is malfunctioning. <under breath> Apparently.
All stop, Data.
All stopping, sir.
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