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Your post is straw-man
No, it's a thought experiment. The point is information source: is a scientific claim automatically more credible just because it is being made by a scientist? By extension: is expertise in ANY field equivalent to expertise in ALL fields?
It was a straw-man "thought experiment" (due to it reflecting reality so inaccurately, biasedly).

And the point I specifically made - and which you tried to combat by straw-man - is that any person/scientist/etc can use his/her credibility as he/she sees fit.

And I noticed that your arguments in refuting scientists' predictions...
Have I refuted anyone's PREDICTIONS in this thread? You may need to refresh my memory.
You most definitely tried to undermine predictions/ideas/etc (just in case you want to go another round of semantic hair-splitting) by attacking the scientists expressing them - P Davies, for example.
Instead of attacking the arguments they made, that is.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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