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Re: Babylon 5 vs Deep Space Nine

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DS9 can only wish it was as complex as Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 can only wish it looked as neat and put together as DS9.
And teakcake with the Captain Janeway avatar: Voyager can only wish it didn't have as many time travel and hollowdeck episodes not mention the very worst of ST Trek, the dreaded Threshold episode where some of the crew evolve into giant salamanders and mate.
I will defend Threshold until my gills dry out.

I only wish it had been me in that mud pool with Salamander Janeway

Who had the most holodeck episodes of all the holodeck series? I don't mean eps where some character is in it for a brief scene for color but episodes that primarily take place on the holodeck or are about the holodeck malfunctioning. While I've always bashed holodeck episodes there were some very good ones in both VOY and DS9. I'm very fuzzy on TNG ones as its my least watched series so I can't comment there.

As to time travel, I love time travel and I will take as much as Trek can give me. No complaints there.

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