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Re: The "Johnny Lightning" ship series

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I ended up having a Voyager, Reliant, NX-01 and a battle damaged Refit. I loved them, They had some great moulds and paint jobs. Although the glue they used was awful. My Refit has broken free of the saucer, the Reliants roll bar has come free, and the NX-01 has a loose nacelle.
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One other problem I noted with my Voyager is it needs a repaint, as the paint is flaking off everywhere, also the nacelles drop down 45 degrees and will need a drop of glue to keep them in the middle.
Apart from the 1-nacelled Voyager, the others I have (Yamato, Reliant, ISS NX-01, and "battle damage" NX-01) all seem okay, especially since they spend most of their time piled in a box with micro machines.

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I believe the reason they never released any of the smaller less known ships is because, it was about 10 years after the golden age of trek. It was going to be risky for Johnny Lightning (lets not forget they're part of the Polar Lights/Round 2 group) to make any less known ships.
Granted, but DS9, 1701-E, the Defiant-class Defiant, Klingon BoP, Romulan Warbird, and Excelsior are hardly lesser known ships.

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The cloaked ships never did well. They still had tons of the cloaked D7s and BOPs at my local modelzone for years. I mean, who wants what's basically an unfinished clear kit?
Well, if people get the impression you cut corners making something, they're less inclined to buy it.
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