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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Pretty much ALL of the Bond movies have had some aspect of trying to take over the world, are all of them boring?

Let's look at License to Kill, it was personal for Bond, getting revenge but there was a LARGER thing at stake as well, that whole pesky War of Drugs thing.

I get what you're saying about the smaller stakes, but it was a sort of asymmetrical battle against those stakes. The movie brought all of the explosions and gunfire of a You Only Live Twice, with the stakes of a indie thriller.
No, not all of the ones with that plot are boring but some are. However, the previous two Craig films did not have anything involving taking over the world.
True, because that would be far to cartoonish for this new Bond. BUT, the organization he was facing had its hands in terrorist plots, monopolies on precious resources for power and money. And those plots affected large numbers of innocent people.

"From Russia With Love," arguably the most respected Bond film, was not about taking over the world.
True. But it was about two super powers fighting over a great MacGuffin that would give them leverage over the other.

I also think mixing an indie plot with a big budget sounds like a really cool movie...
Yeah... would love to see that someday...
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