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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

CaptainCanada wrote: View Post
So? She's a very popular and familiar character after nearly 20 years.
She's a spy. She isn't more important than the mission, than the job. She feels that way. She said as much at the beginning of the movie. And the movie didn't really do much to change that.

It's great that she was in danger, as she was a familiar character, but with the villain's ONLY goal was her death, it made the stakes small. Again, she was going to retire. What is her value to the safety of the country? Over someone threatening to destroy all of the banking with an EMP blast.

Personally, in my spy movies I do like a little higher stakes.

sidious618 wrote: View Post
I liked the smaller stakes as it made me more interested. Another "he's going to take over/destroy the world!" would be rather boring.
Pretty much ALL of the Bond movies have had some aspect of trying to take over the world, are all of them boring?

Let's look at License to Kill, it was personal for Bond, getting revenge but there was a LARGER thing at stake as well, that whole pesky War of Drugs thing.

I get what you're saying about the smaller stakes, but it was a sort of asymmetrical battle against those stakes. The movie brought all of the explosions and gunfire of a You Only Live Twice, with the stakes of a indie thriller.
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