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Re: Should Galaxy 4: Airlock have been released with the Tenth Planet?

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I suppose it makes sense that they would keep us in suspense about "The Underwater Menace, Part 2" until they decide if they're ever going to get around to animating any missing episodes from the three 50-50 stories (half missing, half remaining): "The Crusade," "The Moonbase," & now "The Underwater Menace."
It all hinges on The Reign of Terror. If you want the episodes animated, Reign has to do well.
Thinking about it, it probably doesn't: if everything is coming out before the 50th anniversary (November 2013), then the DVDs of 10th Planet, Ice Warriors and any of the half-and-half stories would have to be in the works long before sales figures for Reign of Terror (late Jan 2013) are available.
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