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Re: The "Johnny Lightning" ship series

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Totally agree. I love my johnny lightnings but i gave up after the 2nd round of repaints. So i have all the molds, but the fake battle damage stuff and the plastic phasers were lame and that was the end of it for me. I do still want the self destruct version of the 1701 but its usually pretty pricey
Yeah, there's something about the "battle damaged" versions of existing ships, or the same ships in a slightly different shades, or the "cloaked" version that just screams "we're too cheap to design new molds, so here's some more of something you already have". (Same goes for those silly bronze-colored versions of the Micro Machines. I hated those!)

Interestingly, I really don't feel that way with different ships of the same class. I was happy to pick up a Mirror Universe NX-01 and a Yamato, and I still want that Constitution-class Defiant. (Hard to find a cheap on eBay though).

Pity they didn't give us as many different ships as the Micro Machines set did.
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