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Re: Who told Carol Marus that David died?

I pulled out the TSFS novelization. Chapter 13 states that Kirk was prevented from contacting Carol about David during the Vulcan ritual at Mount Seleya. The book ends at the same place as the movie.

I then looked at the first few pages of the mirror universe saga and Kirk visits Carol after leaving Vulcan. She slaps him and yells, "I took David away from you so he wouldn't be like you...and what happens? He's dead! My son is dead!" She later tells Kirk that she wished David had come back instead of Kirk.

I knew she would blame Kirk (unless I subconsciously remember this scene in the comics from years ago).

Carol is 135 or 136 years old in Genesis Wave - Chapter One. She's really not sure how old she is, but she has a vision of David returning to her with forgiveness. He wraps his arms around and says "Father is waiting."

Thanks everyone for pointing me towards these books.
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