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I kinda came here so that I can promote myself with my art and share it with you guys. Problem is I have so MUCH of it that I'm not sure if it's a good idea to add everything I've made and then you guys are like: "MEH!" so I'll just add a few pics and if you insist then I can update more !

My first proper Adobe Illustrator work, I still need to teach myself to use it more efficiently, but I'm sorta okay happy with this one !

Elder Spock reading for little vulcans! This was part of an advent calendar project I stopped after three pictures. What a fail. But I liked this picture very much and I made stickers out of it!

House of Sarek A very icon inspired piece of art.

Vulcan Mind What the title says !

Ambassador Sarek Practicing Suus Mahna.

There are a few. When I was picking these out I realized how MUCH stuff I have to show...

If you want more I will comply!
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