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Re: Grace Kelly: Babe of the week #47 (Nov. 2012)

^Absolutely! Perfect vid for Aragorn to use: "Put The Blame On Mame"!

Janet Leigh--Marilyn--Joan Bennett--Ingrid Bergman--Veronica Lake--Lana Turner...Brigite Bardot....

Hugo Rune wrote: View Post
The most beautiful woman to ever grace the silver screen.

There are moments in Rear Window when she is on screen where i simply melt.

Specifically this scene where she is first introduced:

Lisa: How's your leg?
Jeff: Hurts a little.
Lisa: Your stomach?
Jeff: Empty as a football.
Lisa: And your love life?
Jeff: Not too active.
Lisa: Anything else bothering you?
Jeff: Uh-huh, who are you?

Hugo - Angelic. Her, not me...
Dittos. And of course, Hitch's camera work for that scene...where she leans forward towards the camera, playful desire in her eyes...

BTW--as I stated elsewhere, I actually wrote a paper on Grace's role in Rear Window, for a film class.

She's a working woman (and successful--clearly quite wealthy); an independent woman who doesn't "need" Jimmy Stewart's character...but rather wants to be with him; a decisive, strong woman who has a vital role in driving the plot forward, making a very gutsy decision in the quest to catch the you-know-what....

In short, an empowered woman--and yet, not militant or "chip-on-the-shoulder" by any means, despite clear "How-could-you?" dissapointment in her man's (initial) refusal to see her as able to handle his "hard life".

(As I recall, I used that "kind, diplomatic feminism" to compare her role in the film to Sidney Portier's typical characters....)

Thumbs up for Grace, lovely and graceous no matter the era.
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