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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

There was no grand emotion in Lori's death scene. It wasn't worthwhile or powerful or meaningful. It was a telegraphed, perfunctory, and mean-spirited way to "punish the character for her sins." The shock wasn't what happened but that the characters didn't even make a pretense of trying to save her and the writers went with such a cliche death (and of course Carl "had to be the one to do it," he's gotta be a man after all) when they had a much more shocking death - in terms of unexpectedness - in the source material.

Rick's reaction was perfectly acted and his part in this last episode was great (yay Andrew Lincoln!), so hopefully it'll lead somewhere interesting considering the phonecall -
. But I'm just going to try and forget the (living) tv version of Lori Grimes ever existed no matter how much I think Sarah Wayne Callis did great with what she was given.

Meanwhile this last episode was really good! Andrea might finally - finally! - be coming around, but I've said that before. I'd forgotten the Woodbury games, and I'm glad they brought them in, it so perfectly captures what's wrong at the heart of Woodbury beyond simply what we know about the Governor. Glad to see Michonne get more to do, and it looks like next episode she'll be stumbling upon the prison!

Daryl was awesome of course, as I said. One thing that was interesting thinking about it was him directing Beth to keep an eye on Carl - more and more, he's taking a leadership role. Still wondering about Axel.
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