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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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this isn't a show with a whole lot of happy surprises. I'd be surprised if carol is alive.
I'd be surprised if she wasn't.

The series never showed us a body or a death scene (while Lori's death happened explicitly off-screen, all we get with Carol is she runs off and leaves a scarf behind).

And the series has been quite willing to bring back characters who simply might have died - this season alone both Merle Dixon and that prisoner who ran into a field of zombies.

I've seen online theories that Carol may have been abducted by whoever was watching her attempt a Cesarian section on a walker back in the second episode (one camera angle implied it was the POV of someone hiding in the bushes). Given she hasn't shown up this seems a plausible way out.

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The irony is that Norman Reedus' most notable role prior to being on The Walking Dead was playing an Irishman in The Boondock Saints
Thought it was an Irish-American, but I never did see those movies.
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