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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Invisible Enemy (Fourth Doctor).

It's the tin dog! The idea of an intelligent virus is tried and true but I enjoyed Doctor Who's take on it despite the fact that in Macro-form it looks like a shrimp. Several of the blue screen sets were interesting when the Doctor and Leela's clones entered his brain. I also thought the choice to kill them both outright was interesting. I would have expected something long and drawn out. I'm not sure about the addition of K-9 to the crew, the so-called cute characters always slow a show down for me, but I've always heard good things from others.

The Sun Makers (Fourth Doctor).

An excellent story by Robert Holmes. There's something for everybody. The Doctor takes down both the evil corporation and the government bureaucracy. I laughed when the mob threw Gatherer Hade off the roof. There was no fight in him at all, just genuine surprise at the way he was being disposed of. I also laughed at how the mob was just laughing and celebrating after the deed. It was also a hoot that the Doctor up and left the workers in the middle of their revolution when only one Megropolis had fallen.

K-9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend.

It was good to see the return of Sarah Jane. The story was well written but the actors seemed kind of bored with the material. There seemed to be no sense of tension despite the fact that people were missing and Brendan was due to be sacrificed. However had the series been picked up I think it would have been a welcome addition to the Doctor Who universe. Then again, The Sarah Jane Adventures was probably its modern equivalent.

The title sequence was a hoot. A bunch of random scenes of Sarah Jane, sitting with a paper, drinking wine and jogging, coupled with techno music and K-9 saying "K-9."
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