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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Did you read my full thread?

"I am familiar with the restoration process from the documentaries made to describe how they restored the first Star Wars trilogy. One of the first things they worked to reduce was the matte lines. If this restore company, who are working on season two, can't be bothered to remove the matte lines, what else they can't be bothered to remove?"

I did provide an example of where they could improve. This failure to do so looks even worse on them. On their website, they tout themselves as leaders in digital restoration.

High Technology Video is a leader in the business of high definition telecine mastering and artifact free standards conversion.
The company's predominant focus is mastering feature films and television shows for domestic and international distribution. HTV also performs electronic restoration of images, as well as various types of duplication and audio work.
HTV is the only place in the world that can transfer 70mm and 65/70mm in real time, in both high definition and standard definition. It is a rapidly growing company with major studios and many independent companies as clients.

We are committed to providing our studio and network clients the highest quality and execution," says Jim. "Our team demands top performance at every level and on every project. That's our promise to our clients - that's our DNA.
-Jim Hardy, CEO

I suggest that you too read their website, and then compare what they say to what we see.

For me, to describe what I see wrong, would be difficult. It's instinctual. I don't think CBS cares what hardcore fans say. They will care when we interact with them on a more physical level, as what happen with the audio issues on the first season set.
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